Air Nozzle


We present a comprehensive range of high quality Air Nozzles that is manufactured suing hi-tech machines and optimum quality raw materials. These Air Nozzles effectively reduce the compressed air consumption and helps in providing accurate air flow. Moreover, the Air Nozzles offered by us are highly in demand in the market, due to their high quality and nominal pricing.

Ferrules SS 304


Stainless Steel Ferrules are used to avoid erosion of tube at the air pre heater tube inlet and shell inlet of boilers. Our ferrules are made of high quality SS 304 and SS 310 material. The ferrules can be further hardened by special heat treatment process called Nit riding. Our ferrule comes in wide variety and sizes both in diameter and length.


  • * Fire Tube Boilers


  • * Length : 75mm to 300mm
  • * Diameter : 30mm to 75mm
  • * Thickness : 0.5mm to 3mm
  • * Material : SS 304, SS 310

Mechanical Dust Collector


We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of Mechanical Dust Collector that is highly in demand in the market. Our range of Mechanical Dust Collector is widely appreciated by the clients, due to their high efficiency. This device is also designed to handle heavy dust loads.

Raw materials used

  • * Fire Tube Boilers


  • * M.S
  • * Stainless steel
  • * CI Gr 20


  • * Easy to install
  • * High durability
  • * Corrosion resistant
  • * Zero maintenance
  • * Standard Type : Multi Clone
  • * 4Cone, 6Cone, 9Cone, 12cone, 16Cone, 20Cone, 24Cone Model
  • * Feature : Compact, flue gas at outlet is less than 500micron Of ash level.

Mixing Nozzle


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Vibratory Feeders


We are one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of a wide assortment of Vibratory Feeder that is used to determine the direction of the material. Using gravity and vibration, these feeders move the materials. This feeder is an efficient transporting device that can move a material horizontally as well as vertically.


  • * Uniform feeding
  • * Easy transportation
  • * Excellent finishing
  • * Corrosion resistant


  • * Model : VF 380 & VF 400
  • * Capacity : 600kg / hour and 1000kg / hour

Manhole Doors


We are actively engaged in manufacturing of Manhole Doors which are of rugged design to meet the high temperature in the furnace. We offer a wide range of fire door and ash door offering you an ultimate solution. Our fire doors are of high quality at economic price.


  • * Office complexes
  • * Factories
  • * Hi-rise buildings
  • * Hotels
  • * Hospitals public utility buildings
  • * Power plants
  • * Pharmaceutical units
  • * Textile units


  • * Thermax Model fire door(small size)
  • * Outer size : 535mm x 435mm
  • * Inner opening : 355mm X 365mm
  • *Thermax Model fire door(Big size)
  • *Outer size : 690mm x 605mm
  • *Inner opening : 560mm X 565mm
  • *Veesons Model fire door
  • *Outer size : 700mm x 750mm
  • *Inner opening : 500mm X 550mm
  • *CVL Model fire door
  • *Outer frame size : 730mm x 730mm
  • *Inner opening : 450mm X 450mm

Coal Nozzles


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Drag Chain Feeder


The Drag Chain Feeder manufactured by us is used to convey the coal from the bunkers to the furnace. Drag chains are made of high quality EN8 material to withstand erosion and corrosion. Our drag chain feeder comes in varied widths depending on customer's requirement.


  • * Premium quality
  • * Durable
  • * Higher efficiency
  • * Tensile strength
  • * Low maintenance


  • Engineering industries
  • Specification
  • Width ranging from 450mm to 685mm
  • Length ranging from 1meter to 10meter

Pocket Feeder


We are one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of Pocket Feeder. We ascertain the quality and efficiency of our Pocket feeder and therefore latest technology is used.


  • Higher efficiency
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate


  • Material : CI Gr 20 & S.S Rotor
  • Size : 4" (200 Diameter Rotor) and 6" (250 Diameter Rotor)
  • Location : Bunker Bottom

Bellows and dampers


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Air PreHeater


We offer a wide range of Air Pre Heater that is designed to preheat the combustion of air which is used by large no of thermal power plants for the large fuel burning furnaces used to generate steam. We are well known suppliers based in India in the array of Air Pre Heaters. We ensure you to provide an efficient design in order to ensure proper for improving combustion of fuel.


  • Office complexes
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long functional life
  • Compact
  • High efficiency
  • Two pass design


  • Type : Single Pass
  • Standard Capacity : 36m2, 40m2, 60m2, and 80m2

Bed coil assembly


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Fans and Impellers


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Ash Feeder


Our range of Ash feeder is manufactured from quality-tested components and is available in different sizes with capacities according to our client's requirements. Today we are the leading manufacture of Ash Feeder around the world.


  • Material : CI Gr 20
  • Size : 6"(150 Diameter Rotor)
  • Location : MDC Bottom

Fire Bar


Our fire bars are made of high quality Cast. Iron with chrome content 1.5% to 2%. We have special grade fire bar made for husk, coal and wood. Our fire bar is capable of withstanding high temperatures and is of robust construction. Our slim design fire bar allows the fire bar core temperature to minimum level due to better cooling.


  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • User friendly


  • Material CI Gr.20 with Cr 1.5%
  • Coal and wood bar length : 550mm,600mm,700mm,750mm and 900mm
  • Husk bar length : 450mm & 500mm

Inlet Guide Vane


Our range of Inlet Guide Vans are used in the mechanical dust collectors to change the direction of flue gas and impact a centrifugal force to the gas which in turn gets segregated through air lock feeder.


  • Highly durable
  • Robust construction
  • Long functional life
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance


  • Material : Ni-Hard
  • Outer Diameter : 255 mm
  • Inner Diameter : 168mm



We offer Turbulator that maximizes turbulence while upholding least pressure drop by winding wire in to rounded loop around a spine formed from the wire itself. We ensure premium quality and higher efficiency.


  • Simple installation
  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable


  • Material : S.S 304
  • Size : 4", 5", 6"
  • Feature : hard faced with equal gap

MDC Inlet Cone


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Super Heater coils


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Economizer Coils


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Tube Bends


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Protection Shields


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Water Wall


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